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Gain full access in real time to all your advertising data!

Investment in advertising is an amazing leveraging tool to increase sales and brand awareness fast, but it puts a lot of pressure on the bottom line when not used effectively. Advertisers often have limited, delayed and partial access to the results of their media activities, which makes it harder to learn and improve collaboratively. Slow reporting cycles and time-consuming, error-prone manual consolidation do not enable fast response to market changes or the development of the on-the-go insights necessary to keep up with the speed of modern media. 

Media agencies struggle every day to offset demanding workloads so that they have enough quality time to provide strategic thinking within the limits of the client budget. Switching agencies can often cost 10% - 15% of the media investment budget, as media data can get lost and introducing new processes and tools can take time and energy to implement without any guarantee of a final result.

Having access to data is the backbone of building the in-house learning and experience needed to manage media lon g term and on a large scale. Growing media knowledge and skills is the only way to build trust in client-agency relationships and engage in beneficial collaboration. 

A single source of truth

A new level of transparency!

Mercury MMP provides you with an aggregated view of all steps involved in the media activities that your partner agencies execute on their behalf: from planning to buying, deals, creative rotation and campaign status including real-time performance and reporting. The platform integrates all data automatically with the other 400 possible data points in a structure adaptable to the company organization: by market, brand, product, objectives, agency, channel, etc.

All information can be visualized in customizable, downloadable dashboards and updated in real time. In Mercury, you can access all of your reports at just the push of a button.

Countless data sources in one system
Customisable visualization and dashboard
Reports at just a click
End-to-end control

Regain sovereignty of your media data!

As a SaaS, we provide the solutions and you remain the owner of all your data. You keep control over all the campaign information stored on the platform, giving partners and agencies access to the content they need to collaborate with your team. We help you drastically improve transparency with data integration and BI solutions like data warehouses and dashboards. Mercury enables a transparent overview of campaign planning and a quick, convenient way to manage your media agency.
Advertisers keep data sovereignty
Collaborate with your agencies
End-to-end visualization and monitoring
Better collaboration

Help your agencies to work smarter for you!

The Mercury media management platform simplifies collaboration between you and your media agencies by giving everyone access to a common data source. Time previously spent consolidating reports and giving status updates can now be used to work on optimization, analyses and strategic thinking. Instead of starting conversations off talking about odd figures in your reports, you can start them by talking about the next steps that will make your media budget work harder for you.

Gaining data sovereignty means not more lost data history or knowledge gaps when agency team turnover is high. It also saves you time and money on pitch processes, as the software is available at your fingertips and can be shared with any new partners. Mercury also gives you a basis for handling your media activities in-house.

Smarter work with agencies
Lower costs when changing agencies
Basis for in-housing

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