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Media investments involve tremendous pressure in terms of cost and profitability. The only way to steer these investments is with transparent media data that is only accessible in its full extent to your media agency. That makes it harder to treat collaborations like a partnership.

Switching agencies can often cost 10% - 15% of the media investment budget as media data can get lost and introducing new processes and tools can take a considerable toll on efficiency.

A lack of data sovereignty can also make it harder to handle your media activities in-house. Our extensive data services and Mercury Media Management Platform give you back control.

A single source of truth

A new level of transparency!

Mercury gives you a comprehensive, transparent overview of all your media data, across different markets, agencies and channels. The MMP integrates all of your media data into standardized formats and saves it centrally, giving you a transparent breakdown of conditions and results. Clearly structured dashboards will keep you up to date. Slow reporting cycles are a thing of the past. In Mercury, you can access all of your reports at just the push of a button.
Countless data sources in one system
Data depicted in dashboards
Reports at just a click
End-to-end control

Regain sovereignty of your media data!

We give you back data sovereignty with our Media Management Platform. Mercury gives you direct, unlimited access to your media data, enabling a transparent overview of campaign planning and a quick, convenient way to manage your media agency. We help you drastically improve transparency with data integration and BI solutions like data warehouses and dashboards.
Advertisers keep data sovereignty
Manage your media agency
End-to-end control
Better collaboration

Improve collaboration with your media agencies!

Our Mercury Media Management Platform simplifies collaboration between you and your media agencies by giving everyone access to a standardized data source. The costs of switching agencies can be reduced considerably because you maintain sovereignty over your data and can run the software at your company. Mercury also gives you a basis for handling your media activities in-house.
Better collaboration
Lower costs when changing agencies
Basis for in-housing

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