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Mercury Media for Advertisers

Whether your media activities are in-house, split up among multiple agency teams
or managed on several markets at once, Mercury Media makes everything
more simple, efficient and professional.

“Mercury Media is designed for advertisers that run campaigns in multiple markets, for multiple brands or with multiple agencies and brings them the transparency they need to control their investments in today’s fragmented media landscape.“

Aiko MüllerDirector Customer Success - Mercury Media Technology GmbH

A new level of transparency

Mercury Media collects your data in standardized formats and stores it on a central platform, making your media activities more transparent than ever:

  • Dashboards provide a quick overview of activities by market, brand, product and agency.
  • Drilldowns give you a closer look at all levels of detail even advertising motifs and tags.
  • Change history for planning items provides transparency as to what was changed by whom.
  • You can issue approvals in the system or work with an exported version of your media plan.
  • Documentation of communication between advertisers, agencies and marketing companies ensures further transparency.

Take control of your agencies

Emails and tables are often used when communicating with agencies. Switching back and forth between countless different versions of your media plan is both exhausting and time-consuming.

Mercury makes everything easier:

  • You can access data in one format and at one location. This drastically simplifies media workflows.
  • The scenario planning feature lets you display different plan versions for a campaign.
  • Campaign and process transparency provides advertisers with all the information they need to make important decisions.
  • You can manage negotiated media and technology deals and provide targeted access for markets and agencies.
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