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Leverage process optimization to gain an edge with pioneering technology!

As a media agency, you are no stranger to high cost pressure. While media budgets and fees get tighter all the time, an extensive list of ever-growing manual tasks can lead to quality issues and expensive sources of error.

Where do you start if you want to improve an outdated IT infrastructure and processes, even though consulting services mean higher cost?

The problem is magnified by the fact that media management is quickly becoming more complex due to countless data sources, the fact that consolidation is grueling and that clients expect transparency. Teams are under tremendous pressure to deliver information regularly, which takes up most of their time and energy. 

We spend half the amount of time on manual processes, which has also caused our error rate to drop significantly.

Marlene Aurelia Soja
Martin Mittelstädt
Director Media Operations Consulting, pilot
Improved efficiency

Less manual effort, fewer errors, lower costs!

The Mercury media management platform drastically reduces repetitive tasks by automating parts of all your media workflows: pre-filled-out media conditions sheets, vendor information and offers, automatic flowcharts and trafficking to adservers, copy due dates, status reports, real-time campaign performance and final reporting. Automating tasks with no added value gives junior staff the chance to learn more from thinking and doing instead of feeding the spreadsheet frenzy, which limits turn over and errors. Agencies working with Mercury are able to save up to 43% and reduce errors by up to 61%. Make your media campaigns more efficient and save money.
43% less manual effort

Work one day less a week!

With Mercury MMP, media planners spend up to 8 hours less a week on manual tasks.
Lower cost

Mercury pays off!

With our Media Management Platform, media agencies spend up to 40 hours less a month on manual tasks thanks to a higher degree of automation. That reduces costs and saves time, so you can focus on strategic consulting.
40 h
Savings per media planner per month
Hourly rate (inhouse)
Savings per media planner per month

Thanks to Mercury we have been able to structure entire campaigns end-to-end very efficiently and transparently and tangibly reduce manual tasks.

Marlene Aurelia Soja
Marlene Aurelia Soja
Lead of Digital Projects and Processes at Dentsu Aegis Network Central Services GmbH
Optimized processes

Increase the value of your work for your clients and that of your team.

As a successful media agency, are you able to foresee great opportunities that bring extra margin to your current business? Have you already optimized your processes? How do you make your team strong and proud to be your ambassador when looking for the next new recruit?

Investing in process optimization and pioneering IT infrastructure will put you in the fast lane. By optimizing your processes with extensive data integration and BI solutions like data warehouses and dashboards, we help drastically improve the transparency that your clients value. Give your team plaenty of time and energy to learn and improve client service.

Data integration
Automated dashboards
Data transparency
Born in a media agency - Mercury Media is made for agency ad operations

We'll help you reach your goal faster!

Initiated by an independent media agency in Germany in 2012, we have gained extensive industry and technology expertise over the years. We have implemented our Mercury Media software at media agencies throughout Europe and have also provided data integration and BI solutions in a modular format, making us flexible in covering the different needs you may have. We use our expertise to give your media agency end-to-end solutions to your challenges that also meet your constraints.
By a media agency for media agencies
Industry and technology expertise
Modular  solution
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