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Gunnar Neumann – CCO

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Gunnar became our Chief Client Officer in the fall of 2019. He is a proficient growth hacker with impressive expertise in media & advertising consulting, MarTech and AdTech. With his agency background and in-depth experience in working with blue chip clients with a global background, he is able to effectively apply his knowledge to our product and help us continue to deliver outstanding results to our clients. Gunnar is a well-structured team player and working with him is inspiring!

Part of the team since:
Fall 2019
That's my job:
Chief Client Officer
I'm pretty good at:
Media & Advertising Consulting, MarTech & AdTech, Growth Hacking, Structured work, Teamwork 
I work at Mercury Media because:
My work fills me with energy and passion every day. The working culture is outstanding and I feel fortunate to be able to contribute my knowledge and time to growing our product so that we can continue to deliver outstanding results to our clients. 
Outside of work I like to do:
Reading: Learning from role models, learning from new inputs, increase imagination.
Gym: It helps me to keep my energy-level up & gives me strength.
Golf & Tennis: It helps me to focus & never give up.
Card Gaming: It helps me to think & act smart.
Traveling: New experiences that help me grow.
Fun fact:
I like whisky tastings.
My favorite music is (modern) country & college punk. Great combination ;)
I am definitely one of the worst dancers in the world.

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