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Imon Bashir – Data Integration Manager

Imon Bashir Data Integration Manager at Mercury Media Technology GmbH

Imon joined Mercury Media in September 2018. His ability to find every error, quickly adapt to new tools and, of course, write absurdly long SQL queries ;) makes him an indispensable part of our data engineering team. In his free time, when he is not working on his master’s thesis in computer science, he tracks all kind of statistics & keeps up with the latest IT news. And as if that weren't impressive enough, he also speaks German & English as well as Persian & Japanese! 

Part of the team since:
September 2018
That's my job:
Data Integration Manager
I'm pretty good at:
Finding errors, adapting to new tools, writing absurdely long sql-queries.
I work at Mercury Media because:
It was the most interesting job when I was searching and I’m still here because it’s fun and the topics and tasks change and are different.
Outside of work I like to do:
Having a look at all kinds of statistics and following up with the latest IT news.
Fun fact:
Speaking japanese and persian, great at talking loudly.

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