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Mercury Media Technology appoints Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar as new Managing Director

Gunnar Neumann (CCO), Tobias Irmer (CEO&CTO), Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar (CEO) from Mercury Media Technology GmbH

Gunnar Neumann, Tobias Irmer and Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar

Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar brings with him years of expertise as new Managing Director of Mercury Media Technology GmbH. He will join the new management team on 1 March 2020. After earning his degree in business administration, Thorsten co-founded the digital video marketing and ad-tech platform smartclip GmbH in 2008, where he served as managing director until making the switch to Mercury Media Technology. After the RTL media group acquired smartclip in 2016, Thorsten became responsible for managing Germany’s leading broadcaster, Addressable TV, while serving as managing director at SpotX Deutschland GmbH, the RTL Group’s digital video SSP.

Our media management platform lets our clients plan, implement, track and optimize ad campaigns across all channels - automatically, transparently and efficiently. Our international clients are already using our forward-thinking platform to manage campaigns worth hundreds of millions of euros.

Thorsten comments, “I’m delighted to join a fast-growing media company and provider of innovative media-tech solutions and to be able contribute my years of expertise and management skills to the Mercury Media Technology team. Having been active on the supply side for years, I’ve been in constant contact with a number of advertising clients and agencies. Over the past few years I’ve realized that advertisers and agencies need to find a way to deal with today’s increasingly complex media landscape as fast as possible. Introducing the digital Addressable TV technology to linear television has shown us that we need to be able to move past clearly delineated media channels. Developing comprehensive, ROI-oriented software solutions not only benefits content consumers but also publishers seeking to monetize their innovative content.”

Thanks to the new management team under Managing Director and product owner, Tobias Irmer, we have been able to effectively respond to the rapid growth we have been experiencing from the beginning. Gunnar Neumann also recently joined our management team as CCO in September 2019. With more than 10 years of experiencing in providing media consulting services to international corporate clients, advertisers and agencies, Gunnar knows the requirements and challenges of the market.

Tobias comments, “We’re happy to have Gunnar and Thorsten join our highly competent management team. Our solutions address the needs of the market and our client-centered platform is what has put us on our current growth path. I’m confident that our new team will continue build on this solid foundation.”  

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