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Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar about Advanced TV

What is Advanced TV?
Advanced TV generally refers to 4 core features: Time shifting, Addressassibility, Interaktivity und Interoperability.
Does that mean conventional TV ads don't play a role in this innovation?
Here at Mercury Media Technology, we don't think so. Quite to the contrary. Traditional broadcast TV has seen major technological improvements over the past few years, including the introduction of Addressable TV and Total TV. Thanks to innovations like interactivity, addressability and individual metering, conventional TV can be integrated in the general shift towards Advanced TV. That's why it's important to keep the big picture in mind when it comes to a holistic media management strategy.
What impact does Advanced TV have on TV consumers?
Advanced TV makes TV advertising smarter, more customized and data based. New advertiser groups, which used to prefer digital ads, are increasingly making use of the technology. The approach toward TV has become significantly more strategic, much more result-oriented and more regionally targeted.
How is media management changing for advertisers and agencies?
Advanced TV has led to significant changes in the media process for buyers. TV ads are planned, booked, optimized and analyzed differently. More and more advertisers are looking for alternatives to their analog workflows and systems to meet new requirements like data management, automation and increased transparency. New media management systems need be able to manage, connect and archive all media plans and all the relevant data in one central system. Media management systems also need to be set up for technological innovation, like media AI, which will significantly increase advertising performance. Our MMP already meets these requirements and is specifically tailored to the growing connectedness and digital world of TV advertising.

Thorsten Schütte-Gravelaar, CEO at Mercury Media Technology became the founding member of the digital video marketing and ad-tech platform, smartclip, in 2008, where he served as managing director. After the RTL media group acquired smartclip in 2016, Thorsten also became responsible for managing Germany’s leading broadcaster, the Addressable TV platform, and for managing the RTL Group’s digital video SSP as managing director at SpotX Deutschland GmbH. After being active on the publisher media and AdTech side of the business for years, Thorsten realized that the next step in the transformation of the media business will come from advertisers and agencies. They need to find solutions for dealing with today’s increasingly complex media landscape and new types of media consumption as fast as possible. Today, Thorsten applies his experience in managing our fast-growing company and our innovative MediaTech solution, Mercury MMP.

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