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What does a data integration manager actually do?


Name: Ellina Mnikh

Title: Data Integration Manager at Mercury Media Technology GmbH

Age: 26

Degree: M.Sc. Business Administration

1. What do you do at Mercury Media Technology?

As Data Integration Manager at Mercury Media Technology I am responsible for creating a shared, standardized structure for all of the data that we generate with our clients. My main job is providing strategic consulting services to our clients. Once we have worked out a strategy, I help the client’s data analysts and imaging specialists procure and process data. For me it’s a perfect mix that keeps my workday interesting.

2. How did you come to Mercury Media Technology?

I discovered my passion for working with large amounts of data during my business studies in Marburg. I expanded my knowledge of data analytics as a freelance BI consultant while working on my Master’s thesis, which I wrote on process mining. After getting my degree I started working as an analyst on different projects for a major German insurance company. After eight-and-a-half years, I found myself drawn back to business intelligence. At Mercury Media Technology I have the freedom and creative space that you can only find at a young company.

3. Which project were you particularly excited about?

My first project at Mercury Media Technology was actually very special and presented a unique challenge that made me quickly realize that I had found the perfect job. The project involved setting up a data warehouse for a large German media agency and integrating the company’s 15 most important digital data sources. Having a clean data basis is a key goal that everyone has at the start of the campaign planning process in order to make campaign steering truly effective. After we integrated all of the data into the data warehouse, we hooked it up to our software. The company’s media planners have been able to compare the full spectrum of data ever since. The software provides transparent access to current and target values. Our software also makes it possible to bundle data and information in real-time and permanently optimize media investments.

4. What skills help you the most in your everyday activities?

I’m very structured, even in my private life. That’s a big advantage at work since I always have to keep an eye on target values, even when I’m working with large amounts of data. I also find that being structured is an advantage when it comes to client consulting. Not every client request is the most logical and will prove effective in helping them achieve their targets. Someone needs to keep an overview.

5. What do you feel is the most important aspect of your job? What do you enjoy the most?

I love the fact that my job is never boring. Every interface and every client brings its own, unique challenge. I really enjoy advising clients and working with them to find the perfect solution. I also really like working in a growing, innovative industry, having the opportunity to stay on top of the latest trends and technological innovations and keeping up with what data makes us capable of today and in the future.

6. My job is indispensable because…

Data plays a role in almost every industry. Data is the currency of our generation. Nothing happens without data; it’s connected to everything. But raw data in and of itself is useless. It doesn’t generate added value. In media planning, for example, you have countless data sets that can’t be used to identify or interpret campaign information unless that data is effectively structured. It’s my job to specify a standardized, sustainable data model that can be used to identify relevant information and create an effective campaign.

7. What would you do if you weren’t a Data Integration Manager?

Probably something very similar, because I’ve found my passion and am very happy with what I’m doing. Spontaneously, I suppose I would say tax accountant or auditor because those professions also deal with simplifying complex matters and you get to work intensively with data.

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What does a data integration manager actually do?

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