Tobias Irmer

Tobias Irmer has been working in the digital industry for almost two decades. He started working for the pilot agency group in 2001 where he spent 15 years holding a variety of managerial positions, including an executive management position from 2008 to 2017. During his time at pilot Tobias held a leadership role in the creative department with a strong focus on technology, was responsible for developing a proprietary DSP and created cloud solutions for clients.
His most impressive work includes handling the conceptual and technical development of the SaaS solution, Mercury. Tobias also earned his MBA while on the job. He is our managing director at Mercury Media Technology and brings with him profound technical knowledge in Kubernetes, SQL and AWS, among others. His main focus is the development of our Mercury MMP, enabling us to provide our clients with a pioneering solution.
Denis Scollie, TwentyFive.
Tobias Irmer, CEO & CTO

Mercury addresses the needs of the market, and our client-centered media management platform is what has put us on our current growth path.

Tobias Irmer, CEO & CTO, Mercury Media Technology GmbH
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