Mercury Media supports you with our best-in-class media workflow tool,
which reduces your manual workload by up to 40%. Give your team
more time to focus on what your customers really want: consulting and strategy.

“Collaboration involving one or more Local Planet agencies is your key to international success. Mercury Media stores all your media data on a central platform, making your media activities more transparent and enabling efficient collaboration across country borders.”

Tobias IrmerCTO - Mercury Media Technology GmbH

“Mercury Media focus on sustained productivity improvements in digital media by combining all steps involved in one solution – from managing proposals and media planning to reporting. That makes campaign management much easier and more efficient.”

Sven WöltjenDirector Sales - Mercury Media Technology GmbH

“Our implementation team has a deep understanding of what agencies need combined with profound expertise in the media business. They help you quickly reap the benefits of Mercury Media, keeping you one step ahead of the competition and ready for the future.”

Aiko MüllerDirector Customer Success

Structured collaboration across one or more Local Planet agencies is your key to international success. Mercury Media visualizes cross-country plans and performance data with no effort on your part while helping you successfully manage international accounts.


Because campaigns are detailed in nature and involve a great deal of manual effort, mistakes can happen. You need professional automation to help you run digital campaigns efficiently and effectively. Mercury Media’s quality-enhancing features help you reduce campaign management errors and associated costs by up to 60%.


Mercury Media collects data in standardized format and stores it on a central platform, giving you a clear overview, and making your media activities more transparent than ever. With Mercury Media you can show your clients exactly where their money is going and how their data is being used.


The teams at pilot – Germany and Infinity Media – Spain give us access to client experience within the Local Planet Group. This experience also give us in-depth understanding of local agency requirements and enables quick implementation with immediate benefits.

Ease of use

Mercury Media is easy to implement with full functionality. We pursue a strong focus on agency culture with regards to change management. Our implementation approach ensures zero-defect modular start-up and continuous improvement thanks to in-depth training programs and regional customer support.

Are you the best-in-class independent, owner-run agency in your country and want to provide your clients with top-of-the-line technology? Mercury Media is your operating system for the media world of tomorrow and offers you the best-in-class workflow-management tool available.


See our software in action and learn more about how to reduce your workload and lower your costs.

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