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Data sovereignty and transparency for your company!

At Mercury Media, we effectively use our extensive industry and technology expertise to advise media agencies and advertisers who are faced with know-how and resource bottlenecks. We offer pioneering data services. Whether your project involves analyzing current IT infrastructures and internal processes or recommendations for tech stacks that are in line with your company’s vision: Mercury Media brings data sovereignty and transparency to your company, laying the foundation for the media world of tomorrow.
Optimized processes

We’ll put you in the fast lane - by optimizing your processes.

By optimizing your processes with extensive data integration and BI solutions like data warehouses and dashboards, we help you make optimal use of your resources.
optimizing your processes

Mercury Media provides independent consulting services based on its extensive industry and technology expertise.


Because we operate independently of agencies and service providers, we are able find the ideal solution tailored to your specific requirements and goals.

No conflicts of interest

No conflicts of interest
Because we’re not bound by media budgets, our consulting services are tailored to your specific business objectives.

Industry and technology expertise

Industry and technology expertise
We are able to provide comprehensive consulting services because we can draw on many years of experience in working for media agencies and advertisers. We also have a wealth of advisory and user experience.
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