Maximise profitability by anticipating your media investments

A quality budget forecasting and anticipative accruals system can generate savings and improve company cash flow and revenues.

Teams use to have extensive lists of ever-growing manual tasks that can lead to quality issues and expensive errors. When talking about budgeting and reconciliation while media budgets and fees are getting tighter all the time.

Mercury permits the reconciliation of your campaign delivery and the actuals invoices provided to confirm quickly and error-free checking thanks to our unique identification system. 

Teams can approve and confirm billing in a click of a button and get informed about discrepancies visually.

The solutions connect to any accounting workflow to avoid doubling the work and can communicate with your invoicing system through API. It simplifies Audit by providing the customizable consolidated data exports.

That is why Mercury already runs more than 15,000 campaigns successfully. 

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Mercury's key efficiency-based features

Accounting software  connexion

Automated reconciliation and validation

Customisable data consolidation 

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