Tactical media planning

Mercury brings smarter tactical planning to your teams

Mercury Media Management Platform offers a workflow module to automatically select, request availability, negotiate, and book any media activity, that would be automatically reflected in your plan. Conceived by an agency for its team, it is perfectly designed to reduce repetitive tasks by automating part of all tactical media buying workflows: Allow your teams to focus on getting the most out of your negotiation. With pre-filled media conditions, vendors information and negotiated offers, automatic inventory requests, errors are limited and information is retained qualitatively.

The platform records all changes using log files to simply see who has done what & when. Hence allowing quick revision and easy auditing. The integrated communication platform further increases transparency, to keep track on all information related to a campaign. The single source of truth approach makes it easy even when the team, working on the platform, changes. 

All validated offers are automatically loaded into your plans, informing accounting, and permitting straight approval has never been easier.

Automation of repetitive manual tasks allows to focus on optimization, not feeding spreadsheet frenzy, limiting turn over, and errors. 

Agencies working with Mercury are able to avoid errors by up to 61%. Make your media campaigns more efficient and save money.

Key benefits

Pre-filled requests and offers

Keep track of all exchanges

Create plans automatically

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