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With the Mercury media management platform, advertisers and agencies can buy, manage and report omni-channel advertising campaigns efficiently in real time, leaving them plenty of time to reflect, analyse and develop top-performing strategies.
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Our media management platform lets you to manage the entire media campaign process efficiently: planning, buying, scheduling, trafficking, monitoring, aggregating real time results and reporting - all in one place.

Our platform gives advertisers, agencies and their partners control over their data and performance, creating relevant connections to their campaign partners with established workflows that guarantee data quality and history logs. Thanks to a series of forward-thinking features, omni-channel campaigns can be trafficked and results displayed with just a click of a button. No more need to open several self-management platforms to check your campaign performance in real time. Just go to Mercury and optimize whatever needs optimization.

In addition to aggregating data connections, Mercury offers an extensive set of features created based on agency experience to simplify and eliminate repetitive tasks, limit errors and save hours of manual work for your team members. 

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I want to make the processes at my media agency more efficient to secure long-term competitive advantages!
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